At MassimoInvest™ investing is more than financing a venture.

Investing is . . .

Relationship capital,
Thought capital, and of course
Monetary capital.

Investing brings people together to brainstorm ideas and subsequent to a process of risk assessment, and a little sweat equity, investing can create exciting new experiences and fulfill entrepreneurs dreams.



Massimo Investment Association, LTD. (M.I.A., LTD.), an Ohio, U.S.A. registered limited liability company since 1995, at times, selectively provides various forms of capital to entrepreneurs in startup and early stage development phases.

In 2013, Massimo Investment Association, LTD. (M.I.A., LTD.) was branded MassimoInvest™ and relaunched to meet new challenges in Leisure & Entertainment and complimentary technologies.

To create a global multi-cultural movement in leisure and entertainment that educates and motivates entertainers and entrepreneurs who create aspiring media to entertain the public.

To develop relationships and utilize various forms of capital, to create new media and build new technologies, that launch aspiring ventures, projects and events around the globe.



People Capital -

At MassimoInvest™ the approach to successful investing is simple. Build relationships. Get to know the entrepreneur, what they are passionate about and their venture.

Learn if MassimoInvest™ can add value to the entrepreneur’s venture. Learn if the entrepreneur’s venture adds value to MassimoInvest’s long term vision and portfolio of investments.



    1. Development Stage: The entrepreneur must have a startup in pre-launch or in early stage development. Usually prior to day one launch and 1 to 3 years of post-launch.
    2. Business Segment: Must operate within business segments MassimoInvest™ services (See ‘Business Segments’ below).
    3. Capital: The entrepreneur must show they invested sufficient sweat equity and some monetary capital.
    4. Location: Global. MassimoInvest™ explores opportunities with entrepreneurs around the world. Our current focus are opportunities located in Africa, North America and South East Asia.

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Entertainment -

Media Content Creation

    Recorded Music, Film & Video productions.
    Event Management productions.
    Streaming live and on-demand video productions.
    Web series media productions.


    Video Game development.
    Virtual Reality (VR) productions.
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) software development.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Technology -

Custom Software Development

    Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) development.
    Content Management System (CMS) customization and development.
    NEW IN 2020 and beyond: Streaming media player, for streaming and monetizing video media.
    NEW IN 2020 and beyond: Mobile App development.

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